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It is estimated that you will need approximately  0 GB  of storage and use  3 TB  of bandwidth monthly.
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Which plan should I choose?

The $29 monthly plan includes 100 GB of storage and 400 GB of monthly bandwidth. Every minute of video will consume about 26 MB of storage. Since 100 GB equals 100,000 MB, the math is simple: 100,000/26 = 3846 minutes or over 64 hours of video.

For every minute of video consumed, you will use about 15 MB of bandwidth. Since 400 GB equals 400,000 MB, the math is simple:
400,000/15 = 26,666 minutes or over 440 hours of video. If your average video is 3 minutes long, you have over 8800 views per month.

These numbers are approximate and your experience will vary depending upon the length of the video, your source video file, mobile vs. desktop audience etc.

As you approach your storage and bandwidth allowances, we'll notify you so you'll have ample time to upgrade.

Please explain "Bandwidth".

Think of bandwidth as water from a hose. Each time one of your videos is viewed, the data delivered is measured. We call that data bandwidth and the hose is the internet pipe that delivers your videos to each viewer. For example, if your video is 10 MB and it is viewed 100 times, you will have used 1000 MB of bandwidth. By the way, 1000 MB = 1 GB.

What happens if I go over my bandwidth?

You'll receive warnings at 75% and 90% of bandwidth used. We see those notices also so we'll be very proactive in reaching out to you so your videos never stop playing. Typically, we increase your allowance and send you an invoice at the end of the calendar month. You only pay for the amount of bandwidth actually used - not the allowance. And we don't auto bill your card - you go online and pay the invoice at your leisure.

Is it easy to cancel?

You betcha. There are no long term commitments. Send us an email and we'll cancel your iPlayerHD video hosting account with no questions asked. Well, we may ask you why you are leaving us in case there's something we can improve. After all, we are always a work in progress..

Does my video allowance reset each month?

At midnight UTC on the last day of the calendar month, your account bandwidth resets to zero and a new month begins.


Enterprise users begin with the $29 plan which includes 100 GB of storage and 400 GB of monthly bandwidth. Each additional GB of storage above 100 GB and each additional GB of bandwidth above 400 GB per month is priced at $0.15 per GB.

Please contact for more details.