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DeFever s Galatea

CNN Peru

Stephenie Hollyman produced, filmed, reported, wrote the script and narrated this story on assignment for CNN in Peru as a one person team.


Hollyman reported, produced, filmed and wrote script for this story on a gang in Mexico City for CBS TeleNoticias. The CBSTN anchor tracked narration in Spanish

ABC Nightline

Sent by ABC Nightline to Sri Lanka, Hollyman produced this story as a one person team, reporting, filming and writing the script upon return.

Children of War: Peru

Hollyman reported, filmed, wrote the script and narrated this report for CNN Insight, traveling in a pick-up truck through Ayacucho, Peru.

Oiled Birds

Obama Campaign

Three days before the Ohio and Texas primaries Obama delivered his message to laid-off autoworkers in Parma Heights, Ohio, at a town meeting.

Plan De Sanchez Massacre

Originally shot in Hi-8, this documents the exhumation of bones from an Army massacre in Guatemala during the country's scorched earth campaign.

Dogon Dances

Hollyman shot this Dogon funeral dance while working on her book Dogon; Africa's Dwellers of the cliff.

BP Town Meeting

Angry Cajun fishermen meet with BP officials in a Town meeting in Larose, Louisiana to discuss BP's " Vessels of Opportunity" program.

Foreclosure Auction

Hollyman filmed this auction of foreclosed homes at the height of the financial " melt-down".

Day Two 911

Holyman shot this video collage of her neighborhood on 9.12 between stints of volunteering at the local hospital & cooking at Ground Zero and the firehouse.

Port Everglades Pilots

Hollyman produced this video for the Port Everglades Pilots, filming, writing the script and cutting the story.

Big Blue 911

Hollyman filmed this story while volunteering at Ground Zero a few days after 911.


The original cast of the Broadway musical "Rent" , records "Seasons of Love" for the first time ever, in a New York studio.

Booming Oil

Reporting from Grande Isle, Louisiana, video-journalist Stephenie Hollyman explores the arcane science of booming oil.

Shrimping Cajuns

Like a stunned prize-fighter who has just recovered from a knock-out blow, Clifton sits on the edge of his new boat with his uncle and discusses his future.