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The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 8 - Frank Tucker

This week we meet Dan who plays Frank Tucker. We find out how Dan and Mandie met, fell in love, and started Seductive Studios. We also talk about some of the things they love and hate about the business, as well as some of their favorite videos. Dan has stared in countless videos from an evil villain in several Superheroine movies to a shrunken and eaten ex boyfriend in "Eat Me" a classic Vore movie. Thanks to Finding Nemo for the song. Just keep swimming. Swimming. Swimming.

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 5 - Prop Closet

In this episode, we take a look at what lurks in the inside of a fetish producers prop closet. As we explore some of the more interesting tools and fun stuff in the closet, we will also show some of the movies that they were used in. We will show you rope from bondage videos where our models are hogtied, the computer where we edit, boots and gloves from girl fight videos, whips from Catwoman in a Superheroine vore video, a great yeti costume from a Wonder Woman movie, silenced pistols, thongs, bikinis, a big pregnant belly for vore movies, and much more!

Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 13 - Ivy

In this episode we meet Ivy, a southern baptist daughter turned fetish model. She tells us some of the funny stories and videos that she's done as well as why she enjoys this job! Some of the videos include, pantsing, wet and messy, bondage, smoking, spanking, lift & carry, CEI, female fighting, tickling, public humiliation, dominatrix and tickling!

Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 12 - Effy

In this episode we meet Effy, a college student who loves performing in custom fetish videos such as female fighting, wet and messy, kissing, lesbian, bondage, vore,face sitting, vampire, bondage, pregnant, small penis humiliation, foot fetish, girl fights, mummification, damsel in distress and much more! Effy talks about how acting in fetish videos affects her personal life and some of her favorite videos to date!

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 11 - Jae

In this episode, we meet Jae who is a fun, sexy webcam model turned fetish actress. Jae has been in many films with us, and in this video you will see her in female fighting videos, vore, diaper, handcuff and shackle, foot fetish, paddling, bondage, messy, lesbian, balloons and more!

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 10 - The Toe Cuff Situation

Being a fetish model isn't always fun in games. Once in a great while things take a wrong turn. This week Nicole and Whitney talk about some of the films they did recently, which seemed to be lots of kissing! Also - some wet and messy fun, and Nicole tells a story about how she got stuck in toe cuffs and the police had to come rescue her!

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 9 - Nicole

This week we meet Brogan who plays Nicole as a fetish model online. Brogan is a warm hearted, adorable fun girl to work with, and brings great energy to the set! She is very open to different fetishes and has been in many videos already, becoming one of our most popular models. In this interview you will see her in superheroine, bondage, female fighting, face sitting, vore, wet and messy as well as some behind the scenes footage!

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 7 - Kaylee Danger

This week we talk with Kaylee Danger, one of our sexy, goofy girls who is also a web cam model. Kaylee has done many videos with us and is great to work with. She has one of the most well known booties on the internet! From Superheroine, to Messy, to Vore, Kaylee has done it all and I'm sure you'll love meeting her! You can see Kaylee and Jae in a mummification video with Cheetos and a Hitachi, Kaylee being carried around, some really interesting foot fetish videos, and even a fun piggy back ride through the streets!

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 6 - Serena Steel

This week we talk with Serena Steel, a professional female bodybuilder. Serena is brand new to the fetish world and discusses what it is like being new in the fetish business and also her bodybuilding career. Serena has been mummified in shrink wrap, lifted and carried girls and guys around, and overhead, been in superheroine films, scissorhold movies and had her beautiful biceps worshiped!

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 4 - Whitney

This week we meet Taylor who plays "Whitney" on camera. Taylor talks about life, and the freedom this job gives her to pursue her goals and dreams one of which is to be a professional singer. Taylor is a goofy, sexual free spirit who isn't afraid to speak her mind. You can see Whitney and Jae in a hot and sexy Sclera contact themed movie, Whitney's introduction to throat fetish, a photoshoot in a hot leather outfit, Whitney and Daphne in a vore video, and her favorite, a great fireman's carry.

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 3 - Heather

In this episode we meet Abby who plays the role of "Heather". Abby is probably one of our best and most versatile actresses and really enjoys her job. She has an amazing, fun personality that always makes people laugh. We talk about the different roles that she has played, how it affects her love life, what she does and does not like about the job and how she thinks society negativity judges her for her job. You will see Heather as Supergirl in a Superheroine film, she also plays a mud wrestler covered with mud, as well as a crazy person who has tied up Daphne and is keeping her forever! Also included is Heather's least favorite video, a Supergirl movie where Electra shoves her kryptonite covered feet into her mouth.

The Diary Of A Fetish Model - Episode 2 - Backstory

This week we delve a little deeper into the life of Mandie who plays Daphne on camera. We talk about how it all began for her in the industry and show where she is now. You will see Mandie in a neck brace & diaper, a classic bondage video, behind the scenes with Frank as we film Razor, behind the scenes with Heather and Kaylee in a bondage, laughing gas movie. Mandie has filmed everything, from vore, to superheroine, to bondage, to sleepy, you name it, she's filmed it!