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Sustainable Homes
Douglas Ridge | Unity Homes

We have the potential to totally change the paradigm of home building. Today, it is possible to build homes that use no fossil-fuels and are more affordable. Imagine building a home in several months - that will actually still be around centuries later.  Sustainable living at Douglas Ridge is designed to evolve as your life unfolds while providing the potential to enhance the quality of your life. 

Many of the the things that make a Unity Home so green have to do with how they built.  Advanced CNC (computer numerical control) machinery ensures that the minimum amount of wood is used to make the maximum amount of house. Fabricating up to 60% of the home in the factory ensures tight quality controls regardless of site conditions. The Open-Built® technology platform creates a home that adapts to the people who live there - saving time and money as they adapt to changes in lifestyle and technology.  For more information, plot plans and home designs, visit:


Laura Sosnowski
Maine Home Connection
Office: 207.517.3100