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The Alexander Technique as a Spiritual Practice

The Soul Leads and the Body Follows

What would it be like to inhabit a physical body that reflected the natural radiance and grace of the soul?  What would our experience be like if difficult emotions didn’t derail us?  What would happen if we didn’t get enmeshed in self limiting beliefs?

When the soul leads, we realize that the experience of psycho spiritual unity, is our natural way of being.  In this class, we’ll take a deeper dive into what it means to allow our soul to be the primary conductor of our lives.  We’ll also explore how making contact with others from our soul, can inform and be transformative in what we offer as teachers and how we live as human beings.

When:  Thursday, September 23rd from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Where:  Online via the Zoom platform

Cost: $30.00. Your payment anchors your commitment to attending class. We are choosing to limit the class to 15 participants in order to give due attention to each person. 

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This ongoing class series is a unique opportunity to explore the Alexander Technique through the vast prism of our soul’s wisdom and understanding.  By harnessing the wisdom and understanding of our Soul, we can bring a greater breadth of ourselves to the work and to the people we serve.

Together, we’ll explore topics such as:

* Psycho-Spiritual Unity

* Inhibition as a means to facilitate flow

* Bringing our soul's wisdom and vision to the work

* Means whereby as an opportunity to explore presence in practice

* Embracing the support of our spiritual anatomy system

* Primary control from the perspective of our highest Self

Your Instructors:

Jay Hovenesian is a spiritual counselor and maintains a private practice in Newton, MA.  He teaches meditation and spiritual development classes throughout the Boston area. Jay is also a Certified Alexander Technique Teacher and has served on the faculty of Clark University.  He’s taught workshops and classes on the Technique at schools and businesses throughout the New England area.  Jay has studied spiritual and intuitive development with Kurt Leland. Jay studied the Alexander Technique with Tommy Thompson and received his Teaching Certificate in 1997.


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Jamee Culbertson teaches in the Boston area of Massachusetts. She is a teacher/trainer at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Alexander Technique training course in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a perfect fit working with artists given Jamee’s earlier years spent studying theatre arts at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC and her musical education at Berklee College.  Jamee received her Alexander Technique Teaching certificate in 1993 having studied with Tommy Thompson. Jamee is also a Senior Instructor and teacher trainer in the Universal Healing Tao System teaching tai chi, qigong and meditation techniques. For nearly 30 years Jamee has shared her knowledge and experience in the Boston area at hospitals, fitness centers, colleges and women center's. She is part of a team of the Universal Tao Boston Instructors involved with Tai Chi studies via Harvard and Brown Universities and is First Aid CPR AED Certified with the American Heart Association. Jamee teaches workshops worldwide and has a private practice around Boston, MA. 


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If you have any questions please feel free to contact either of us.  

See you in class!