God is all done making land...why not own a piece of heaven? Trail Creek Meadows Ranch is a one of a kind legacy property.  Rich in history...secluded and private...yet easily accessible. Over 1100 acres of pristine mountain meadows and Doug Fir & Ponderosa forests. Less than an hour drive from Boise...or sooner when you add your landing strip! Enjoy year-round creeks, scenic mountain views and abundant wildlife. The property has never been mined and has 260 acres of exclusive water rights. The ranch is approximately 2.5 miles long in the E-W direction and 1.25 miles wide in the N-S direction.  Harris Creek Road bisects the ranch with approx 375 acres to the north and 735 acres to the south.  This road is maintained by the county. Elevation ranges from 4200 ft at Trail Creek and 4900 feet on a ridge above the timber-laden Huckleberry Flat.