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UFOs over the BGR (Reports of Phoenix Lights are back)

This is a cover report for selected cases to the MUFON Case Management System relating to specific events occurring on the evening of January 14, 15 and 16th of 2013. The timeline of these events are from approximately 19:00 hours Arizona time through 22:00 hours all reported in the direction of the Southwest from the Phoenix area to west/southwest from the Casa Grande area. These events also are related to yellow/orange lights or orbs that appear stationary and blinking off and back on in a different location.

My investigation, plus being a local residence of the Casa Grande area and being familiar with these events, have formulated a solid conclusive explanation for these sightings. In short these are misidentified military flares over the Barry Goldwater Range south of I-8 mainly in the area south of Gila Bend, Arizona. This is commonly known activity over many years by long time local residence and police department. When it becomes noticeable by people outside of the local area is when these flares are illuminated at higher altitudes which make them now visible from the Phoenix area and other valley locations and by first time witnesses to these events.

These flares are of the LUU-2 family of flares. It is my suspicion that these flares being noticed are possibly the newer LUU-19A/B flares which emit an IR bandwidth lighting and is suspended by a parachute to illuminate ground tactical maneuvers for as long as 6 to 7 minutes. This form of illumination is suited for our troupes and pilots using night vision goggles. The majority of this type of training is conducted at the Barry Goldwater Range for our military people deploying to the Middle East or other areas of conflict.

I have no reason to believe this could be some kind of covert ET cover up or ET craft maneuvering around the valley. I have no factual evidence indicating anything of this nature.

I have attached a short video clip from a 60 minute continuous video I shot with a Canon XHA1s HD camera on January 16th 2013. I was at a high vantage area just northwest of the Casa Grande Municipal Airport shooting to the west/southwest area in the direction of Gila Bend, Arizona which is over 50 miles away. I was aware of the flare activity over the BGR Monday January 14th and 15th but did not set up with my camera until the 16th.

I saw no unusual activity to my north towards the Phoenix area other than the usual air traffic on approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor 35 miles away. While filming I was receiving phone calls of witnesses stating that the Phoenix Lights were back. They were observing stationary orange lights over South Mountain and to the southwest. Others from the Florence and Casa Grande Area claimed these lights were over the city of Casa Grande.

I conclude these events mentioned and entered into our CMS to be IFO Man-made being identified as some form of military illumination flares over the Barry Goldwater Range.

Dennis P. Freyermuth

Chief Investigator, Arizona MUFON