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How It Works - 4 videos 

The controllable pitch propeller acts as a variable power transmission for more efficient engine operation. It's computer-controlled to continually shift much like an automatic transmission in a modern car. The result is marked improvement over fixed propeller systems and increased fuel economy from running the engine at its most efficient rpm for the given load. Even the 1909 Model-T had two forward gears. Recreational boats still have only one.


About IntelliJet Marine, Inc.

We are an early-growth stage company formed to develop and market advanced marine propulsion technology.  We are looking for a manufacturing partner with casting, machining and assembly capabilities.  Our ideal partner is looking for diversification and is interested in making an equity contribution to the product development. 

IntelliJET™ revolutionizes marine propulsion through the use of computer-controlled components, following the trend in modern cars and airplanes, resulting in an energy-efficient, cleantech and high performance marine jet. Our system offers compelling market advantages over propeller boats and conventional marine jets. The technology is applicable to recreational, commercial, military, rescue and patrol boats.


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