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Flares - UFOs and the Barry Goldwater Range

~ E-Notes from your Chief ~

To All Arizona Mutual UFO Network Field Investigators.

Ever since the famous Phoenix Lights we, as MUFON field investigators, have been receiving increasing reports of strange, bright orange lights in the night skies south and west of the Phoenix area. Most investigators are familiar with the illumination flares used in the ongoing training exercises over the Barry Goldwater Bombing Range near Gila Bend, Arizona. For the new members to the team and possibly for those who may have never witnessed these flares, this information video I have put together may be helpful and useful as an aid in future investigations. The BGR is a very active training area for our fighter pilots and different types of aircraft. Most locals are familiar with the activities. Newcomers may view these events quite differently.

Please take a few minutes to view this video. I hope this can be of value in your future research for the truth.

Your Chief Investigator

Dennis P. Freyermuth